Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 coupon and review

Kaspersky Internet Security from Kaspersky Lab is a suite of remarkable safety solutions developed around an exceptionally secure two-way Windows firewall. Kaspersky Internet security 2014 was released by the Kaspersky Lab a few days back. The company made big claims regarding the malware blocking technology of their newly released software. We decided to have a look on the software’s functioning and bring you the review.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

Installation and Interface

Installation was uncomplicated enough, even though it was a little bit sluggish. The suite does not specifically jump into action but we loved the point that it does not need you to remove any of the rival products already present in your computer; however that is a choice which really should be left up to the user. And after waiting around for a minute or two, the setup was complete and the program lastly emerged.

The user interface have been modified and also refined in a couple of places, but basically possesses the identical feel and look as earlier editions. An essential console offers details on your PC’s safety status of big buttons gives easy accessibility to four frequent functions ( Scan , Update , Safe Money , Reports ) , and checking out the a button on the right screens a single pane with every single biggest program feature .


There are many new features that had been added in the new Kaspersky Internet Security Coupons like new features in Parental Control, integrated protection against various malicious blockers, as well as the new performance accelerators and optimizers that make the internet protection more invisible and unobtrusive. But the best feature that has been included in the new version is protection from future threats by charging of cyber swine which is avant grade technology and which is not present in any of the competitor’s product available in the market.


Zeta Shield

A very interesting and new feature had been introduced in the new version is Zeta Shield. Zeta actually works in two ways. At first it tracks down the file and then classifies them. That’s where it gets interesting; here we see the entry of heuristic analyzer. The heuristic analyzer analyzes the file in all the possible ways. It also checks the relationship of the target files with any other files and ensures that the file is not a binary weapon.

Till here everything goes fine. But after this what ZETA Shield does is breathtaking. Unlike all other internet security software that only checks the links and information stored, ZETA SHIELD checks the file from its roots to its top and identifies any possible threat. ZETA not only checks the individual data files but also the whole stream of data.


Kaspersky Internet Security offers the extensive security benefits that always augment the firewall’s part. The Kaspersky Internet Security firewall could scan, filter as well as block ports, and also conceal IP addresses. It may also protect against threats which are transferred by means of local area network or Wi-Fi. The item upgrades on its own to ensure that the user always carries the latest version and, even more importantly, the recent database of recognized threats. The Kaspersky Internet Security suite defied our efforts to introduce vulnerabilities making use of the Nmap Security Scanner. We also have some Kaspersky Internet Security Coupon Codes which save you some bucks on Kaspersky. The brilliance of the modules, the charm and elegance of the user interface, as well as the completeness of the additional security features come together to place Kaspersky Internet Security among the best.


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